15 January 2012

Spoilt over Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year with family and friends. I know I haven't blogged in almost a month *guilty face*. I was travelling in Hong Kong and Beijing just before the holiday celebrations, and when the New Year had arrived, I had to pack furiously to move to a new city for a new job. If you're a girly girl, you know that having to pack only the things you need for now is an extremely tedious task. How is any girl suppose to pick ONLY the shoes they need? I need ALL my shoes!!! And ALL my makeup! And what about the flat iron, or the cute tops, etc... Packing was a job and a half, but now that I've almost settled in, I've finally had time to take pictures of the makeup goodies I was so lucky to receive over Christmas.

Dior Cannage Couture Collection All Over Makeup Palette 

Ok this make up set I purchased as a Christmas gift for myself while I was flying to Beijing. Can you believe you can shop even while you're travelling in the air? I purchased this on the Dragon Air flight I was on from their inflight shopping magazine. It's the Dior Cannage Couture Collection All Over Makeup Palette. It costs $610 HKD which is around R620. The mak up palette consists of 2 makeup brushes, mascara, black eyeliner, 6 eyeshadows, 2 lip sticks, 2 lip glosses and an all over face highlighter and powder, in a sleek, compact pleather zip-up case!! I fell in love with it when I saw it in the magazine! It contains the perfect combination of colours to transform your day make up into night make up and so handy to carry around in your hand bag for touch ups. I thought that this would be a suitable gift to splurge on myself because I will be working soon and this makeup palette is compact enough to take to work with me.

I haven't used any of the makeup in this palette yet because right now, it's too beautiful to even consider touching (silly of me, I know...). But I'll definitely use this palette soon now that work is about to start.

Dior Blue-Tie Evening Essentials Smoky Eyes & Nude Lips 02 Palette

This makeup palette I was lucky (SOOOOO LUCKY!!) to receive as a Christmas gift. You should have seen how my mouth was hanging open when I unwrapped the gift wrap! I was like NOOO...WAY...!!! I've always been too cheap to splurge on Dior, even though it is one of my favourite makeup brands. It comes in a gorgeous silver case, with the signature Dior indents and even comes in a velvet pouch (similar to Chanel). As you can see from the picture, there are 4 eyeshadows and a lip stick compartment. Super stunning! I think this palette was from the Christmas 2011 Collection.

I also haven't touched this palette yet, because I am still in the process of admiring its beauty and glamour :)

Smashbox Behind the Lens Holiday Prime and Set Kit

I received this kit as a Christmas gift as well (I was soooo spoilt!). It contains one of Smashbox's best primers, the Photo Finish Oil-Free Foundation Primer. I've used their Bronzing Primer and I love it, so I can't wait to use this! It comes with the Smash Box Photo Set Finishing Powder as well which I've been dying to try!

Nars Eyeshadow in Strada

If you've read one of my Wish-List Wednesday posts, you would have seen that I wanted to purchase the Nars "All About Cheeks" palette. Unfortunately they did not sell this palette in Hong Kong, so I purchased a single eyeshadow instead. They had so many different colours, it was such a difficult task to pick one. Eventually I picked this colour called "Strada" which is a amethyst infused with gold colour. The colour was so unique that I had to buy it!

I've used this eyeshadow twice already, and will write a detailed review on this product soon.

Just wanted to write a post so that you know that I haven't given up on blogging or died a tragic death while courageously walking along the Great Wall :)

Let me know which of my goodies you like :)