23 November 2011

Wish-List Wednesday - Nars and Smashbox Holiday Palettes!

I am so excited to share with you these "wish-list" products that I have been eyeing lately. The first product is the Smashbox "Click You're It" Eye Palette. It comes in a beautifully packaged, red box that includes 15 eyeshadows, 5 cream eye liners and a mini Photo Finish Lid Primer. It also comes with Smashbox's "Get The Look" cards that gives you some eye makeup look ideas for the upcoming holiday season. 

Smashbox is one of my favourite makeup brands! Although they are quite pricey compared to other beauty brands, their makeup is always of the highest quality. I'm not sure if they selling this in South Africa yet, but this retails for $49 so I'm guessing that they will probably sell it for between R550 - R650 in South Africa (that is if they stock it).

I really like the shadows on these palette. From the picture it appears that there are a good variety of colours that you can use. I like that the cream eye liners can be used as a base for eyeshadows or as a gel liner, which ever one you prefer and I think that its great that they included a mini version of their Photo Finish Lid Primer. I've used their Photo Finish Face Primer and I love it! So I am quite sure that the eye primer is going to be awesome as well.

I think that this eye palette is such a great Christmas gift for ladies that love their eyeshadows because of the variety of colours that you get in this set and the high quality of Smashbox's eyeshadows. The only critique I have on this holiday palette is the name. Click You're It? Mmmm...

The second "Wish-list" product I would like to share with you is the Nars Danmari "All About Cheeks" blush set! Look at this beauty! I've been dying to try out some of Nars makeup products, especially their blushes because I've heard so many people rave about them! This palette is perfect for blush lovers like myself since it includes 4 of Nars's most popular blushes, namely Orgasm (middle top), Desire (right top), Super Orgasm (middle bottom) and Sin (right bottom). It also includes a highlight colour, Hungry Heart (left top) and a bronzing powder, Casino (left bottom)! This retails for $65 which is quite pricey, but if you consider the fact that each Nars blush usually retails for $27, then getting 6 blushes for $65 is a steal. These blushes aren't as big as the single blushes, but they only slightly smaller, of the same quality and its all in one palette! Nars blushes are well known for its high pigmentation and silky texture so it's really worth the splurge in my opinion since a little goes a long, long way! I like that this palette comes in Nars signature, sleek, black palette that they normally use to package their blushes and eyeshadows, just in a much larger size.

I know that there is one Nars store in Hong Kong, so I'll be heading there to check out this palette since we don't have Nars in South Africa. Between the two holiday sets, I think that I would rather purchase the Nars holiday palette since I do have alot of eyeshadows and not much blushes in my makeup collection.

I'm interested to know which one between the two you prefer, or what you think of these holiday palettes if you own them already. Please let me know in the comments below :)


  1. I would definitely go for the Nars if I was you.

  2. Thanks Natasha :) I agree! Going to Nars counter tomorrow. Hope I can afford it!

  3. I wish we had Nars over here. I've been dying to try orgasm cause all the beauty blogs and beauty girls on youtube rave about it.

  4. Chicara I went to NARS today! Their makeup is awesome! Unfortunately they didn't have the "all about cheeks" palette :( I bought a single eyeshadow called Strada! It's beautiful! Soft lilac shade with gold undertone! It's stunning! I think I might go back to buy orgasm. I also heard fab reviews on that one! :)

  5. Awesome. I can't wait for all the reviews on BB and here. :) Enjoy every second of it. x