2 November 2011

Wish-list Wednesday - Sigma Beauty Brushes

For my first "Wish-list Wednesday" series, I would like to share with you one of my most-wanted beauty products of all time, that I love and want so badly, but aren't available to buy in South Africa - Sigma Beauty Brushes!!! I first heard of Sigma through Youtube and after watching countless videos on these brushes, I am officially in love.

Sigma is a makeup brand that makes a complete line of professional makeup brushes. All their products are handmade, of high standards and very functional. They sell their brushes from their website and deliver internationally.

There are so many of their brushes that I would like to purchase, because I heard that the quality of their brushes are better than MAC and also more affordable! Everyone that has reviewed them says that the brushes are super soft, have hardly any fallout and works similar, if not better, than MAC brushes.

I have been wanting to purchase some of their brushes and brush sets for a while now. The brushes itself is affordable if you compare it to how much MAC charges for one brush. It only becomes unaffordable when you add the costs of shipping it from America to South Africa.

These are the brushes I've been wanting for a while now:
The Make Me Up Collection
This collection is great for girls who want to buy one set that has all the face and eyes makeup brushes that you will ever need!  Look at how cute the packing is! It's super travel-friendly but is also great for holding your brushes at your vanity too. They come in four different colours, which is great since most brush sets just come in black. I love the names that they gave to the brush sets. The black one is "Make Me Classy", the pink one is "Make Me Blush", the purple one is "Make Me Crazy"  and the turquiose one, (my favourite colour!) is called "Make Me Cool"! Just look at these brushes, they are to die for! Each brush set comes with 12 brushes and it costs $109 (around R800 if you convert it to Rands) which is super duper affordable for 12 high quality, handmade brushes! (faints!!!). I paid R230 for one flat shader brush from MAC...

Like I said my favourite is the "Make Me Cool" brush set because turquiose is so beautiful! For other beauty fudus like me out there, let me just quickly list the types of brushes they have in these sets:
  • Eyeliner Brush
  • Pencil Brush
  • Tapered Blending Brush
  • Eye shading Brush
  • Large Shader Brush
  • Small Angle Brush
  • Medium Angled Shading Brush
  • Large Powder Brush
  • Large Angled Contour Brush
  • Duo Fibre Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Concealcr Brush
In my opinion, its such a great price for all these brushes! I always maintain that its better to pay more for high quality brushes because they will last for a lifetime and you will also use your makeup more efficiently. When I first started with makeup, I simply used my hands and fingers for everything, including applying eyeshadow. And I've kind of ruined some of my eyeshadow because when you use your fingers, the natural oil that your skin produces gets in the shadow and it may sometimes cause a crust to form on your eyeshadows (sounds gross... i'm sorry... but its true). I've cleaned the shadows with some alcohol wipes to remove the crush, but I wasted quite a bit of shadow doing so. So investing in good brushes will really help your makeup last way longer and it is also more hygienic. 

The other set of Sigma brushes that I have been lusting for is the Synthetic Kabuki Brush Set! This brush set contain four face brushes for high definition flawless makeup application. The brushes are made from Synthetic filament, specially designed to apply powder and liquid products without absorption into the fibers, thereby reducing the amount of foundation/powder that is excessively wasted.

The F80 Flat Kabuki Brush is perfect for applying liquid and cream formulas on the flat areas of the face and seamlessly buffs foundation into the skin (drooooolssss....). The F82 Round Kabuki Brush is also great for applying liquid and cream foundation but is super awesome for the curved areas of your face, like around the eyes, nose, chin and jaw line. This brush is super awesome for applying mineral foundation. The F84 Angled Kabuki Brush is an angled brush that is great for applying and blending cream blushes onto the cheeks. It can also be used to shade in the hair line, cheek bones and jaw line for effortless contouring. The last brush is the F86 Tapered Kabuki Brush which is great for applying powder, cream and liquid products on the hard-to-reach areas of your face. It is also great for applying primer application, contouring and highlighting. This brush set costs $56 which is around R400!!!! (faints again)... I think my friend bought a synthetic stippling brush from MAC for R320... (wtf?) What makes these brushes unique is that they are super dense (the most dense compared to any other brand), yet is super soft and gentle on the skin.

Ok, so I'll admit its a bit excessive to want all four of these brushes. So if I had to only get 2 I would get the F80 Flat Kabuki Brush and the F84/F82 brush... Can't decide between the two. But obviously having all four would be the most ideal! (Brushes have become like shoes for me, you can never have too many of them! *winks)

So it is clear that these world-changing-beauty-fanatic-must-have-brushes are awesome and affordable, but like I said earlier, its the shipping that is the killer...  There are two options for shipping, the one is the
"First-Class Mall International Package" which is around $25 (around R170). The other option is the "Express Maill International for $47 (around R300). The difference between the two is that the "first-class" option takes 2 to 12 weeks depending on the country and does not provide a tracking number and the "express" option provides a tracking number and takes 6-20 days depending on the country.

It just breaks my heart that what I will be expected to pay for shipping costs will be able to afford me to buy another three brushes! That's the only reason I haven't gotten my hands on these brushes yet! So if anyone is interested in purchasing these brushes and would like to share shipping costs and you live in the same city as me, then maybe we can split the costs and get our hands on these baby! Until then, these will remain on my wish-list...

For more info or to check out other Sigma Beauty goodies, their website is:

Hope you enjoyed my first "Wish-list Wednesday" post :)


  1. I was just reading about these the other day! I've heard fabulous things about them. I would also love them. So many brands that I wish would come to S.A :(

  2. Same!!! I've been wanting this for a year now!

  3. witch city do you live in? I'm heading down to SA on wednesday...and would love to get my hands on the Make me cool kit. If you're up for it we can arrange for an order and split the shipping cost + tax

    1. Hey Pristine! Sorry for the late reply lol! I haven't been on my blog since Feb and i don't know why i don't get comments e-mailed to me :( Thanks for the offer! I'm gonna wait till black friday sale because they ship for free that day! You should buy on black friday sale as well if you still keen for the brushes :)

  4. They ship to South Africa :) In fact they ship internationally:) I'm going to order some soon! I also want them so badly :)

  5. Oh sorry you knew that, my bad! :) xx