8 November 2011

Wish-List Wednesday - Benefit's 2011 Holiday Collection!

Oh how I love writing "Wish-List Wednesday" posts because I get to rant about my lust-haves! This one definitely sits quite high in the lust-list! It's Benefit's 2011 Holiday Collection! Oh my... just look at that cute, girly, pink packing and tell me in my face that you don't want that! I dare you!

So I haven't had the time to check these babies out yet (hence they on my wish list, otherwise I would have purchased some already!). But I thought that it would be great to post this since christmas gifts ideas are already on the mind and who said you can't treat yourself a little bit for Christmas ;)
1. All Decked Out for a Flawless Complexion
This holiday package contains some of Benefit's top-sellers, including the POREfessional primer, the Some-Kind-a-Gorgeous medium deluxi mini and the Benetint. All these products work together to give you flawless skin with a beautiful flush. I've been wanting to try POREfessional for a while now! I've heard so many good things about it! I've used the Benetint before and it really does give you the perfect "happy-from-the-inside" flushed look.

2. Life-Of-A-Party Makeup Kit
This all in one makeup kit contains eyeshadows, a blush, the popular Bad Gal Mascara, a pretty lipgloss and even the "Girl Meets Pearl" highlighter! It contains all the essentials you'll need to glam up from AM to PM. I don't think any girl who loves makeup would mind having this as a gift!

3. Boxing Day Beauty
This gorgeous gift set contains the some-kind-a-gorgeous medium, the high beam deluxe mini highlighter (LOVE THIS STUFF), Hoola bronzer and a mini sized Bad Gal Mascara. I've used both high beam and hoola and they look amazing together! This is the perfect gift set to choose if you need beauty products for contouring and highlighting your face.

4. Romancing the Mirror
This gift set contains the "That Gal" face highlighter, the SugarBomb Blush and the Bad Gal mascara.

5. POWda WOWza
Love LOVE LOVE! This contains four of Benefit's famous face powders in one portable box! It contains the CORALista blush - a coral-pink coloured blush, Hoola bronzing powder, Bella Bamba - the newest blush that has joined the Benefit family and a 3D brightening pink face powder! It even comes with a mini brush! Now that really is WOWKAPOW!

6. Ticket to GlossyTown
This is every lipgloss girl's dream gift! This set contains six glitsy mini lip glosses that are sure to fit with any makeup look! These lipglosses are ultra shiny, their colours are juicy yet never leaves lips feeling sticky.

I'm guessing that all these items are limited edition.  I'm a sucker for things limited edition. I know its all a marketing ploy but its hard to resist when they look so pweeeety! I've used quite a few of Benefit's products namely High Beam, Hoola bronzer and their Benefit PROWL lipgloss/glitter mascara as well and I love them! So I'm definitely interested in purchasing some of these gift sets. I think the setsI am likely to purchase are 2. Life-Of-A-Party Makeup Kit and 5. POWda WOWza. My Hoola bronzer has hit pan and I've always wanted to get the new Bella Bamba blush!

Drooollls.... Wow they are beautiful! I think these gift sets are a great idea to try smaller versions of Benefit's products to see whether you will like them. For those that don't know, there are Benefit counters in Woolworths, so be sure to have a look-see when you're there. If you want any more info you can also check out the Benefit Cosmetics website at: www.benefitcosmetics.com

Let me know which sets you are the most interested in, in the comments below.

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  1. I love benefit! Just looking at their goodies makes me happy. :)