3 November 2011

Dove Summer Glow 10 Day Trial Results!

So 10 days ago I wrote a blog post about trying the Dove Summer Glow gradual tanner for 10 days and posting before and after pictures to show the results. So here are my thoughts of the product and the results I have experienced.

First of all, I love the smell of the Dove Summer Glow. It smells sweet like cocoa butter and the smell lingers on your skin for a few hours after application. The cream itself is quite moisturising, but it does however leave you feeling a bit sticky right after application. You will also see a slight glow or sheen on the skin after application. After around 10 minutes though the stickness and the sheen disappears. The instructions does say to wait for the cream to be fully absorbed before getting dressed, which I do and no residues are left on my clothes at all. It is in general, a nice cream to use even if you not after its gradual tanning effects.

 So did I notice a difference after 10 days? I did. It's a slight difference but that is what I expect from a gradual tanner. I don't think the pictures show the colour difference that well, but I can see a difference from the colour of my face and the colour of the rest of my body. It does give you that slight tanned effect without the orangeness, which I like. I think if I can see a difference within a short period of 10 days that if I continue to use this bottle I will see even better results.

I would just advise you to remember to apply this on the top of you hands and feet, otherwise those are going to remain pale while the rest of your arms and legs look more tanned.

Overall, I tihnk it's a great gradual tanner to use for people who wish to get tanned slowly without the risk of turning orange using a self-tanner. 


  1. cool! nice blog =)


  2. The results look good! I love this gradual tanner, and it's so affordable as well. One of my faves. :)

  3. I like it too :) thanks for recommending it Chicara :)