30 November 2011

Wish-List Wednesday: Clarisonic Cleansing System

This week's "Wish-List" product may be familiar if you watch alot of youtube videos, it's the Clarisonic Cleansing System. The Clarisonic Cleaning System is a popular beauty product that is used for cleansing the skin and claims to improve the condition of your skin through regular use.

On its website, it states that it uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 1 minute, the brush gently, yet thoroughly removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than manual cleansing alone. It states that removing these impurities has been shown to allow a 61% better absorption of Vitamin C, and better prepares skin for other products and is highly recommended by spas and dermatologists.  Throught regular use, it claims to give you healthier skin which is smoother, more radiant and more beautiful.

How it works is that you simply charge it on its cradle. When you want to use it, you remove it from the cradle, wet your skin and apply your cleanser on the Clarisonic brush head. Then using circular motions, apply the Clarisonic on your face and it will beep, signalling you to change the area you are cleansing. According to the instructions, it is 20 seconds on the forehead area, 20 seconds on the nose/chin area and 10 seconds on each cheek. It states that with just 1 minute a day, you can improve your skin through regular use and get smoother, more radiant and beautiful, healthy skin.

I would love LOVE LOVE to have one of these! Especially since I wear makeup 5/6 days of the week and the benefits that the Clarisonic promises are sooo appealing! I mean, which guy/girl doesn't want to have flawless, healthy skin? What I like is that they make different brush heads for different skin types, for example they make brush heads targetted for normal skin, sensitive skin, deep pore cleansing, delicate cleansing and even a brush head specifically for the body. Only problemo with this is that you obviously have to buy different brush heads if you want, and you need to replace them when they get old. I'm not sure how long you can use a brush head until you have to replace it, but it may be difficult to replace if you stay in a place like South Africa that doesn't sell the Clarisonic and there are some items that Amazon does not deliver to as well...

Since I am in Hong Kong, I googled to see whether I could purchase the Clarisonic here. There are two stores here that sells it and it costs around R2300! That's quite a bit. I read some reviews on it and every one who has used the Clarisonic raves about it and said how their skin has improved!!!  I would love to buy it but it is very expensive, and the thought of not being able to purchase brush heads conveniently once I'm back in South Africa is a little bit of a let-downer.

Have you heard of the Clarisonic? What are your thoughts on it? My mom says that it isn't good to wash your face with a machine because your skin can be easily damaged if washed so vigorously. My thinking is that it should be quite gentle since their brush heads are made from the same material that is used for high quality cosmetic brushes. And their website states that it is gentle enough to use the Clarisonic on your skin twice daily.

If anyone is interested in more information about the Clarisonic, check out their website for more information: http://www.clarisonic.com

29 November 2011

Hong Kong: Sasa Beauty Haul!

Sasa is one of the most popular beauty supplies stores in Hong Kong. Any beauty product fanatic would literally be in heaven in this store! It has so many different kinds and types of beauty products you can literally browse for hours on end! I always get so indecisive when I visit Sasa (explains why I hang around for so long) because there are 100s of products to choose from. They sell all the regular international brands such as Maybelline, Revlon, Loreal but they also stock brands like iNuovi, a cosmetic brand from Singapore, Talika from France, and loads of korean and japanese makeup. Sasa has become so big that they even deliver internationally now (not sure whether it delivers to South Africa because I usually ask my mom to buy the goodies for me and bring it when she visits), but it is worth it to take a look at the website to compare how much more we are paying for high end brands like Dior, Lancome and the like in comparison! The prices should be in Hong Kong dollars which is similar to the Rand when you exchange it (depending on whether the Rand is being volatile or not). So check Sasa out www.sasa.com if you're interested :)

I went there today and picked up a few goodies. The individual products weren't expensive at all, but because of the amount I bought, it added up to around R620!! I almost fell over! But this is going to last me a while and I won't need beauty products for the next few months :) I thought I would share this for those who will visit Hong Kong in the future, or is looking to buy from their website.

So these are all the goodies I purchased from Sasa. I haven't used any of them yet, since I just bought them today, but as I start using them I will be posting reviews of each individual product.

1. Talika Lipocils Expert
Talika Lipocils Expert is a lashing growing serum that promises to help your lashes grow 36% longer, 50% darker and 50% curlier. I've used other Talika products before, including the conditioning serum and I wanted to try this out as well. Previously, I tried the Yumei Lash Conditioning Serum and my lashes grew quite a bit. My lashes are definitely much longer and more visible in photos. It comes with a foam applicator (similar to lipgloss packaging) and a mascara brush. According to the directions, you're suppose to use the foam applicator to apply the product at the root of the lashes and then use the mascara brush to apply the product to the lashes. It recommends applying on cleansed eyelashes, before applying any makeup and that you use this product twice a day, morning and evening to see results. This product was quite pricey (in comparison to the other products I bought), it costs around R148 and I got the mini version to see whether it would work before I bought the full sized one.

2. Japanese Eyelid Tape
I bought these eyelid tape for those days when my eyes are swollen and I need some help in the double eyelid department. I know eyelid tape is quite a controversial topic, but I'd rather use this than risk doing plastic surgery. I've used these tapes before. In my opinion, they have worked the best in comparison to the others I've used. They are sticky on both sides and I usually cut them in half because they are too long. The only annoying thing about these eyelid tapes is the unnecessary silver section that you need to pull off before application. These retail for around R24.

3. EOS Lip Balm in Honeysuckle Honeydew Some of you may recognise this product if you watch alot of makeup tutorials on youtube. I first saw this in one of Michelle Phan's videos and I immediately fell for the packaging. It is shaped in a cute, egg shape (never thought an egg shape could be so cute!) packaging. It is a 100% natural and 95% organic product and comes in 3 different flavours. I bought the one in "Honeysuckle Honeydew" because it smelt delicious.Can't wait to open this and use it!This retailed for R38

4. Heavy Rotation Glamorous Lip in Vanilla
I bought this because the lips on the package looks soooo pretty! (Damn why do I always fall for the images when I know they have been photoshopped...) From the packaging it looks like a pretty nude shade that you apply from the tube to your lips. What I liked was the brush tip that spreads the product on your lips. I love nudes because I always prefer to keep the lips plain and simple and amp up the eyes instead.

I think any girl who loves nude would love this. Seems like a good option to buy for  girls who tend to have dry lips like me, since many nude lipsticks can highlight dry skin on the lips.

5. Sasatinnie Waterproof Retractable Eye Definer 
I bought this pencil eyeliner in Brown because I wanted a more subtle liner to wear to work next year. I thought that this was a great beauty buy because it was super affordable, is waterproof and highly pigmented. There is also a built in sharpener to sharpen the pencil. I think Sasatinnie is a brand launched by Sasa itself, so I'm curious to try it out. According to the packaging it is manufactured in Germany. This product only retailed for R39.

6. Belle Madame Waterproof Eye Quickliner in No. 1 Very BlackBelle Madame is a Japanese brand and I bought this because a girl can never have enough eyeliner (sounds emo I know) but eyeliner is one of my favourite and must-have products. It can dramatically change the shape of your eyes and if I could only have one makeup product in my life, it would be eyeliner. I bought this because this pencil looks like it is easily smudgable and because it is very black! It also states that it is waterproof so I'm curious to see whether the product lives up to what it claims. Again, the packaging got me... This set me back by R29 only :) I was very tempted to buy two!!!! But I resisted... *sad face...

7. Heavy Rotation Marker Pen Eyeliner in Super Black
I wanted to buy a liquid liner because the one that I was using (Smashbox's Limitless Liquid Liner Pen in Jet Black) is finished and even though I have black gel liner, I always prefer to have a liquid liner at hand. The reason being that with gel liner, you have to constantly wash the brush every day and it may get quite tedious when you're busy. I bought this because it states that it lasts for up to 24 hours and the liner is super black. This retailed for R72.

8. Sasatinnie Super Dolly Heated Eyelash Curler
I bought an additional heated eyelash curler because the one I currently have looks like it is going to give up on my any second. This one only costs R52!! Which is a heck load cheaper than if you had to buy a heated lash curler in South Africa! This is a definite must-have product for girls with lashes that don't curl easily. It works the best when you use this after you've applied your mascara. All you do is wait a bit for the lash curler to heat up, and apply it to the base of your lashes to help it curl upwards. Works like a bomb!

9. Fairydrops Mascara
Fairydrops is a Japanese makeup brand and I've heard their mascara being mentioned a few times on youtube. I thought I would try this since it promises to give volume, extra curl without clumping, which is exactly what I need. From the packaging it appears that the brush is quite interesting. I definitely hope that it lives up to what it claims! Can't read japanese so I can't tell whether it is waterproof. But the packaging is quite adorable. This retails for R88.

10. Mentholatum Lip Therapy
The final product isn't as glam as the other products, but I wanted to try this because my lips have been very dry lately. I thought I would try this because it contains quite a number of ingredients that is hydrating and moisturising, namely aloe vera, chamomilla recutita flower oil, mentol, eucalyptus and globulus leaf oil which all nourish the lips. In addition, it contains olive oil, shea butter, squalane and almond oil for long lasting care. This retailed for R22.60 so I thought it would be nice to try.

That's my Sasa beauty haul! Don't think I can afford to purchase anymore products. From now on I'm just going to try my best to ignore all Sasa shops...  (eeeekkkk!) There were so many other things I would have loved to try but I had to pick what I wanted to try the most. So let me know which products appeal to you the most :) I would love to hear what you think of my haul.

23 November 2011

Wish-List Wednesday - Nars and Smashbox Holiday Palettes!

I am so excited to share with you these "wish-list" products that I have been eyeing lately. The first product is the Smashbox "Click You're It" Eye Palette. It comes in a beautifully packaged, red box that includes 15 eyeshadows, 5 cream eye liners and a mini Photo Finish Lid Primer. It also comes with Smashbox's "Get The Look" cards that gives you some eye makeup look ideas for the upcoming holiday season. 

Smashbox is one of my favourite makeup brands! Although they are quite pricey compared to other beauty brands, their makeup is always of the highest quality. I'm not sure if they selling this in South Africa yet, but this retails for $49 so I'm guessing that they will probably sell it for between R550 - R650 in South Africa (that is if they stock it).

I really like the shadows on these palette. From the picture it appears that there are a good variety of colours that you can use. I like that the cream eye liners can be used as a base for eyeshadows or as a gel liner, which ever one you prefer and I think that its great that they included a mini version of their Photo Finish Lid Primer. I've used their Photo Finish Face Primer and I love it! So I am quite sure that the eye primer is going to be awesome as well.

I think that this eye palette is such a great Christmas gift for ladies that love their eyeshadows because of the variety of colours that you get in this set and the high quality of Smashbox's eyeshadows. The only critique I have on this holiday palette is the name. Click You're It? Mmmm...

The second "Wish-list" product I would like to share with you is the Nars Danmari "All About Cheeks" blush set! Look at this beauty! I've been dying to try out some of Nars makeup products, especially their blushes because I've heard so many people rave about them! This palette is perfect for blush lovers like myself since it includes 4 of Nars's most popular blushes, namely Orgasm (middle top), Desire (right top), Super Orgasm (middle bottom) and Sin (right bottom). It also includes a highlight colour, Hungry Heart (left top) and a bronzing powder, Casino (left bottom)! This retails for $65 which is quite pricey, but if you consider the fact that each Nars blush usually retails for $27, then getting 6 blushes for $65 is a steal. These blushes aren't as big as the single blushes, but they only slightly smaller, of the same quality and its all in one palette! Nars blushes are well known for its high pigmentation and silky texture so it's really worth the splurge in my opinion since a little goes a long, long way! I like that this palette comes in Nars signature, sleek, black palette that they normally use to package their blushes and eyeshadows, just in a much larger size.

I know that there is one Nars store in Hong Kong, so I'll be heading there to check out this palette since we don't have Nars in South Africa. Between the two holiday sets, I think that I would rather purchase the Nars holiday palette since I do have alot of eyeshadows and not much blushes in my makeup collection.

I'm interested to know which one between the two you prefer, or what you think of these holiday palettes if you own them already. Please let me know in the comments below :)

21 November 2011

I'm in Hong Kong!

I know I am guilty of not writing my "Wish-List Wednesday" post last week, but I was frantically busy after my last exam on Monday, packing and seeing all my friends before I left for a month to visit Hong Kong. For those that don't know, I was born in Hong Kong and moved to South Africa when I was a few months old, so although technically I am a Hong Kong citizen, I am quite a tourist when I'm here. I can speak the language and all, but the locals can hear that my accent is slightly different, and from the way I dress and behave, they can clearly tell that I'm not a local. I haven't been back since Christmas of 2007, and I still have grandparents here so I wanted to visit Hong Kong before I start working next year.

I took a long flight from Johannesburg to Hong Kong on the Friday. It's a 12.5 hour flight (excluding my domestic flight from Cape Town to Johannesburg), so it was quite long and grueling. I personally enjoy the idea of flying more than the actual flying itself since I tend to get motion sickness quite easily (TMI?). Luckily I slept throughout the entire flight so I didn't experience any.... uh-hem... discomforts...  LOL!

I took a few pictures while on my flight (when the seat belt light was off of course!) that I wanted to share with you. My aunt made a comment that she wasn't interested in visiting the Cape Point any longer since you are never able to see the distinct line that separates the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Personally I have never seen it myself when I paid Cape Point a visit, but I was so freaking happy to see the distinct line while I was flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg. I swear it was the most beautiful sight ever! Thought I would post this for those that haven't seen the line either.

I thoroughly enjoyed the domestic flight because the views were so breathtaking!

So I was quite jet lagged, but I think that my body has finally adjusted to Hong Kong time. It's a 6 hour difference between Hong Kong and South Africa and the lifestyle is completely different here! It's really a place that you have to experience yourself. It's a super culture shock if you've grown up in South Africa or any other Western country may I add.  It is currently Autumn here (opposite to the season in South Africa) and it was so hot! It was more hot than Cape Town! No jokes! I was sweating buckets (or should I say perspiring since I'm a lady) because its hot AND humid. In Cape Town I have never worried that my makeup would melt off my face since it is a bit dry and makeup happens to cling very well to dry skin, but here I have to do every fool-proof trick I know to try keep my makeup looking decent all day! I will be sharing with you what I've been doing in further posts while I'm here :)

I thought that while I was here I would do a few posts that are related to Hong Kong for those who are interested in travelling here some time. It's a wonderful city to visit and it is true when they say it is shopping haven! I'll do posts on some goodies that I have bought here too. These will include accessories like bags and shoes (every girls favourite!) and beauty products as well!

So look out for future posts if you're interested in travelling to Asia any time soon, or you just want to find out how I'm doing :) I can't wait to visit the NARS counter! Whoop whoop!