20 October 2011

Asian Beauty Products

So many of you may not know this, but I was born in Hong Kong and moved to South Africa after I was a few months old.  I’ve stayed here ever since and the last time I visited Hong Kong was around 3-4 years ago.  That was still when I wasn’t so in to make up yet, so I didn’t take advantage of the enormous variety of makeup available there.  So whenever my mom comes to visit me here, I always ask her to get me a few beauty products that I would like to try, that I am unable to purchase here.

Six months ago when my mom came to visit me she bought me the Missha BB cream and Yumei Lash Conditioning Serum.  For those of you that don’t know what BB cream is.  BB cream stands for Blemish Balm/Base Cream.  The Missha BB cream originated in Korea and it is basically a tinted moisturiser with skin regenerating properties.  It is suppose to protect your face from sun damage, prevent wrinkles, hydrates skin and also helps to lighten your skin (yeah, Asian women are into products that lighten their skin).

I was very curious to try this out because many Asian girls were raving how BB cream changed their life, etc, etc.  I’ve been using this for 6 months so I will be reviewing it soon.  Not sure if I’ll be reviewing it here or on BeautyBulletin.com because its not a product that you can buy in South Africa unless you order it from iwantitall.co.za.  And it’s quite pricey if you buy from that site too.  I think it costs around R250-270 if I convert it to South African Rands.  I’ve used it for 6 months and I still have quite a lot of product so it last very long.  I will write a detailed review for that soon :)

As for the Yumei Lash Conditioning Serum – its basically a similar product to RapidLash except that it was a third of the price and the product is from Japan.  It comes in a cute metallic baby pink packaging and you basically apply it like you would with eyeliner.  It claims to help your lashes grow longer and thicker after using it for a period of time.  I’ve used it on and off now for 6 months so I will write another blog post soon to share with you my experiences and to also let those who are interested to know whether “Lash Growing Serums Really Work or Not”.  I’ll also be uploading pictures to show you how my lashes look like now after I’ve been using the product for some time.

My mom came to visit a month ago again, so she got me a few other Asian products that I will share with you in another blog post, after I’ve reviewed these two products :)

Hope these type of beauty posts will be interesting for those ladies who are interested or simply curious to know whether such products really perform to what they claim.


  1. Do you know a good bb cream for tan skin>>?

  2. Hi there! I know Bobby Brown came out with their new BB cream range. So has a few other drug store brands. I think I saw Yardley with BB creams as well. The best bet is to try Bobby Brown because they should have a wider colour range. Most drugstore brands will probably only make 2-3 colours max.