20 October 2011

Jewellery Storage

If you’re someone who loves loads and loads of accessories like I do, you would understand how difficult it is to find a system where you can store your jewellery in the most systematic way possible, so you can actually find the right piece of jewellery to wear when you need them without throwing it all on the floor before you can finally pick something that matches (wow that was a long sentence… almost as long as it takes for me to find the right jewellery with my old system).

I use to just throw all my jewellery in those big gift boxes that you can buy at any stationary store, and it was a nightmare to try to find anything in it.  Your earrings end up tangling with your necklaces, you find the one pair of earrings and the other one is still MIA, you’re late for your date and you can’t walk out there with one earring in your ear can you?!

 Well I’ve finally found something that helps me organise all the earrings I have (Ok maybe not all of them.. most of them ;) I bought this beautiful tree or vine inspired earring hanger, which looks beautiful by itself and even better with all your earrings hanging from it.  What I like about it is that it can store your dangly earrings as well as your studs.  If you look at the close up photo, you will see that there are small holes in the “tree” that you can put your studs in.  And the heart shaped holes are where you hang your dangly earrings.  

Quite cute I must say!  I bought this as a gift for a friend’s birthday, and I couldn’t resist buying myself one just because it was so handy!  It is so practical yet looks stunning as a decoration.  It now takes me just a few seconds to pick out the earrings I want to wear and nothing is MIA or tangled with other things.

I bought this at a cute Korean store called “Good Things Nice Price” I think in Claremont.  Its right next to Cavendish on Main Road side.  It’s a corner shop opposite Shoe HQ and they  have such wonderful gifts and girly things like this.  This jewellery stand costs R260, which in my opinion, is really worth it.  The stand is made out of a sturdy material and it should last you a long time.  

Perfect way to store your jewellery and making a complete display out of it :)

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