20 October 2011

New exciting INGLOT products you don't want to miss!

 So most of you who have known me for sometime now know how much I love INGLOT!  I have 8 of their shadows already and a AMC cream blush.  And today I went to check out some of their new products and bought an additional 3 shadows!  So I wanted to share this with my fellow makeup addicts out there who may not know what INGLOT have been have to.

INGLOT launched their extended matte shadow collection in South Africa just a few days ago (yes, I kept going their and phoning to enquire ;) They have just received their 30 matte shadow collection and waiting for a few more to come in, in November and OMG!!!  It’s super stunning and beautiful!  You will literally stand there for hours making hectic decisions to decide which one to buy because they are all so DAMN gorgeous!  And its really nice that their makeup artists are so friendly and patient enough to get their hands dirty swatching all the eyeshadows with you.

So after endless swatching and reswatching, I finally decided to get 3 colours.  Oh ~ for those that don’t know INGLOT works on a freedom system, so you get a tray where you can select any combination of eyeshadows you want.  You can even pick concealers, lip glosses, blush colour, powder, anything else you want in the palette, hence the name freedom system :) but as per usual I go straight for the eyeshadows since I’ve been waiting for these for a while now.  I bought 3 colours, a matte deep blue with purple tones, a matte medium true brown and a matte dark, deep green. 
 The colours are lighter in the photo, don’t know why but if you’re interested in the number of the colours, here they are: The brown one is #337, blue is #332 and dark green is #340.

I got the square shadows, you get round ones as well.  The square shadows are R69 and the circle ones are R59.  The palette that it comes in is free :) I like the square palette because it comes with the signature magnetic INGLOT packaging which looks like this:

And the lid slides off like this:

Really cool packaging!  I have the round shadows for the other 8 shadows that I purchased last year and the beginning of this year.  I’ll show you pictures just in case you’re interested.

 The other new and exciting INGLOT products they are going to launch on the 8th July is their INGLOT Crazy Nail Polish range which is basically INGLOT’s range of crackle nail polish.  Now if you’ve read my last blog post on nails, you would know that I have been dying to try crackle nail polish out for a while now.  Unfortunately I can’t find a picture of the INGLOT Crazy Nail polish (because it that’s new!) but it comes in a range of 7 colours if I’m not mistaken.  There was black, white, baby pink, yellow, turquiose/dark green, blue and my goldfish memory is failing me now, can’t seem to remember the last colour.  I was lucky enough to be able to try the turquiose (or I thought it was turquiose from the bottle).  I had a matte peachy, nude polish underneath, and I wanted the turquiose crazy nail polish but it ended up looking dark green.  So excuse the funny colour combination, but I just want to show you how the INGLOT Crazy Nail Polish looks.
Lol, I know my colour combo is a bit wacky here, but you get the idea.  The lovely INGLOT makeup artist says that if you apply the Crazy Nail Polish on thicker you will get bigger, chunkier blocks, and if you apply it thinly then the blocks will be smaller.  It dries super quickly and you see the cracking immediately.  Just pop a top coat on and you’re ready with fun, wacky nails that looks like they took hours to do, but merely took seconds!  It was sooooo awesome!  I was in makeup heaven! :)

Just wish they would advertise it more because if I didn’t see it on the makeup artist’s nails, I would have never known that they had such new exciting products coming in store!  The price of these are not known yet, but they should range between their normal nail polish price and breathable nail polish price.

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