20 October 2011

Do Lash Growing Serums Really Work? Here's the Real Scoop!

So following on from my last blog on “Asian Beauty Products”, I mentioned that I’ve been using the Yumei Lash Conditioning Serum for the past 6 months.  So this blog contains pictures and my review on whether these products that claim to help your lashes grow really work.

So like I said I’ve been using this for 6 months on-and-off now.  The instructions for this product is to apply this product like you would eyeliner on the top and bottom lashes day and night.  I’ve only managed to apply this product usually at night since I do apply some light makeup during the day and I wasn’t so sure about applying this product after I have mascara on.  So I haven’t been completely obedient when it comes to following instructions.  But I do apply this first thing after I remove my makeup and before I sleep as well.

Even though I haven’t used this product as instructed and religiously as I should have been.  I have definitely noticed a difference in my lashes.  My lashes have definitely grown a bit thicker than it was before and also slightly longer.  If I had to put a number to it I would say around 60% longer.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of how my lashes looked before but if you’re really curious to find out, you can look at my “How to Curl Lashes” video as I have pictures of how they looked in that video.  Here’s the link:

So here are the AFTER pictures of how my lashes look now.  I know for some of you who are lucky enough to have long, thick lashes, you may look at my picture and think “Is that it?” but for most Asian girls, lashes don’t come easy ;)

Here is a picture of both my eyes.  Normally my lashes don’t translate well in pictures or videos.  But in this picture you can see my lashes peeking through.  I have monolids which makes seeing my lashes even more difficult to notice.  So I was quite happy that I could see my little mini-me lashes peeking through and greeting me in the mirror :D .

Here a picture of a close up.  Slightly blurry, but you catch the drift (hopefully).

And the final picture is a close up of my face.  Sorry for the poor quality of this photo, I know the flash was going a bit crazy and I look very washed out.  But this picture really shows you how much my lashes have grown.  
Believe me ladies, my lashes were never visible before in photos.  I looked like i had no lashes in pictures unless I apply some falsies.  So this is a big BIG BIG improvement on my side.  My friend Diana actually thought I had falsies on when she saw my lashes, and I was happy to admit that they were all naturale :)

One thing I have to say about this product though, is that if it gets in your eyes accidently, like when you blink too hard or let out a tear from watching an emotional episode of Grey’s Anatomy (or when you were laughing your tushy off from the wanna-be-Glee episode of Grey’s) then the product gets in your eyes and it burnssssssss!!!  Luckily I am no contact lens wearer and my eyes are not too sensitive.

Beside that, this product worked great for me.  My lashes are slightly longer and thicker.  I still have a bit of this product left so I’m going to finish this and start on a new lash growing product that my momma got for me, called Talika Eyelash Conditioning Cream.  Heard some good things about Talika on youtube so I’m really excited to try this out.

Till my next “lash” update, I hope you enjoyed this blog and that you found it useful :)

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